The FZML completes the world's largest project in honor of the artist and composer John Cage.

From July 2012 until October 2013 the Forum of Contemporary Music Leipzig [FZML] implemented the world's largest festival on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of John Cage. Within CAGE100 the FZML carried out a lot of individual projects, that dealt with Cage and his works in very different ways: The exhibition »Opening Spaces for Action«, the chamber music series »No Purpose. Sounds«, worldwide carillon concerts within the »Carillon Project«, international piano performances within the »Water Music Project«, the implementation of the »Party Pieces Project«, the world's largest group composition with contributions of 125 composers, the opera »Europera 5« and many more concerts, performances, lectures and workshops.

The FZML says THANK YOU to all those who have made CAGE100 through their involvement and their support to one of the most successful projects of the FZML.



125 Composers have written 1 piece: Premiere of the »Party Pieces« in New York

In cooperation with the Miller Theatre New York the Forum of Contemporary Music Leipzig [FZML] proudly presents a concert beyond all conventional conditions with 125 world premieres: »Party Pieces« is the world's largest collective composition that was written in honor of John Cage within the one year lasting CAGE100 festival. 125 artists wrote one piece of music. The result is an incredible amalgam of different styles, influences, methods, and perspectives - a whole that is, without a doubt, greater than the sum of its parts.


Exhibition [22.08.-15.09. - GfZK Leipzig]
Concert & Lecture [28.08. – Werk 2]
Opera [30./31.08. – Werk 2]

The CAGE100 – Project is now heading toward its grand finale. With prominent support CAGE100 – THE FINALE combines four different formats: opera concert, exhibition and lecture.

The »Party Pieces« exhibition at Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig marks the opening of the finale. It shows 128 handwritten sheets by composers from Germany and America, who during one year created the largest collective composition ever made, adapted from an idea by John Cage.

Christian Brückner has Germany's best known speaking voice. In his musical-lecture he will read two central texts of John Cage, »Indeterminacy« and „45' for a Speaker", simultaneously to a performance of his music.

Cage's opera "Europera 5", directed by Thomas Chr. Heyde, combines figures, arias and props from the history of opera in an odd manner with practices from pop-culture and media technologies of the 20st century. Countertenor (Michael Hofmeister) meets DJane (Marusha), lyrical baritone (Marco Vassalli) meets graffiti artist (Arne Linke), pianist (Jan Gerdes) encounters little dancers...


International Part of CAGE100 starts!


The second international part of CAGE100 takes place in 50 citites in more than 20 countries. Cages music will sound on every single continent in spectacular Projects. Besides the international sister cities of Leipzig (»Water Music Project«) there are also about 50 carillon players from all over the world taking part in CAGE100 (»Carillon Project«). Furthermore there will take place final festivaldays of CAGE100 where a composition will have its world premiere that is written by more than 100 American and German composers.


CAGE100 -
Let the celebrations begin!

July 6th, 2012, is the official opening of the international art and music project CAGE100. John Cage is turning 100, and to mark the occasion, the Forum of Contemporary Music Leipzig [FZML] is initiating a unique, international project. The program consists of 100 DIFFERENT EVENTS. Performances will take place AROUND THE WORLD and we are honored to present PIERRE BOULEZ as the honorary artistic director. Many of the musical events of CAGE100 take place outside of the traditional concert hall experience. An unusual selection of Cage's oeuvre will be performed, and the festival will enable a broad and diverse audience to experience his art.

CAGE100 opens with the evolving EXHIBITION "OPENING SPACES FOR ACTION" at the Gallery of Contemporary Art [GfZK] in Leipzig. This exhibition will be open to the public for three months. The Forum for Contemporary Music has commissioned several renowned international artists to produce works that involve the audience in the creative process. To mark the start of the festival, there will be a mass performance of SPEAKERS AND CHILDREN in the marketplace in Leipzig. This celebrates the essential Cage concept of indeterminacy. In the "Carillon Project", 50 CITIES WILL HEAR CAGE'S "MUSIC FOR CARILLON" PIECES SIMULTANEOUSLY throughout the event. Another unique project is the concert series "No Purpose. Sounds.", which uses chance processes and audience participation to perform Cage's "combinable" works.

CAGE100 takes place in different cities and radio stations simultaneously. The culmination is the world premiere of a specifically commissioned "EXQUISITE CORPSE" COMPOSITION THAT INVOLES THE PARTICIPATION OF 100 INTERNATIONAL COMPOSERS, in New York and Leipzig, in honor of John Cage. The "SPACE FOR NO-THING" [www.cage100.com] and the "BOOK FOR NO-THING" will accompany and document the whole project using unusual, artistic presentation formats.



17.10.2013 / 20 Uhr / Miller Theatre / New York


21/08/13, 7 pm, OPENING,  GfZK


30/08/13 and 31/08/13, 8 pm, Werk 2


28/08/13, 7 pm, Werk 2

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