The Party Pieces Project is one of the most spectacular events in the entire CAGE100 festival. The idea is an extravagant version of one of John Cage's compositions. More than 100 composers representing Germany and the United States have taken part in this unique group composition. The resulting piece is much more than the some of its parts; for confirmation, visit the premiere in New York on October 17, 2013.

The complete score, containing 128 handwritten note sheets, will be exhibited from 22th of August until 15th of September in the Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig [GfZK].


OCTOBER 17, 2013, 20 UHR
Miller Theatre, New York


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Ensemble Either/Or
Richard Carrick [Conductor]



Christopher Adler [USA], James Aikman [USA], Franghiz Ali-Zadeh [Azerbaijan], Bill Alves [USA], Steve Antosca [USA], Dominick Argento [USA], Ali N. Askin [Germany], Byron Au Yong [USA], Jan Bach [USA], Marcos Balter [Brazil], Joan La Barbara [USA], Dániel Péter Biró [Hungary], Patrik Bishay [Germany], Elizabeth Brown [USA], Matthew Burtner [USA], Juan Campoverde [Ecuador/USA], Robert Carl [USA], Richard Carrick [France], Sidney Corbett [USA], Conrad Cummings [USA], Luke Dahn [USA], Joseph Dangerfield [USA], Inouk Demers [Canada], Michael Denhoff [Germany], Dean Drummond [USA], Joël-François Durand [France], John Eaton [USA], Jason Eckardt [USA], Gerald Eckert [Germany], Michael Edward Edgerton [USA], Moritz Eggert [Germany], Alex Freeman [USA], Randy Gibson [USA], Tobias Giesen [Germany], Burton Goldstein [USA], Michael Gordon ]USA], Annie Gosfield [USA], Georg Hajdu [Germany], Peter M. Hamel [Germany], Joachim Heintz [Germany], Hans-Joachim Hespos [Germany], Volker Heyn [Germany], Manuel Hidalgo [Spain], Johannes K. Hildebrandt [Germany], Rene C. Hirschfeld [Germany], Hubert Hoche [Germany], Huck Hodge [USA], Joel Hoffman [Canada], Jeffrey Holmes [USA], Ralf Hoyer [Germany], Nicolaus A. Huber [Germany], Derek Hurst [USA], Kamran İnce [Turkey/USA], Gabriel Iranyi [Israel], Vera Ivanova [Russia], Ed Jacobs [USA], David A. Jaffe [USA], Evan Johnson [USA], Laura Kaminsky [USA], Gordon Kampe [Germany], Alexander Keuk [Germany], Reso Kiknadze [Georgia], John King [USA], Georg Klein [Germany], Mayako Kubo [Japan], Giorgos Kyriakakis [Greece], Anne La Berge [USA], Bun-Ching Lam [China], Peter Helmut Lang [Germany], Paul Lansky [USA], Mary Jane Leach [USA], Ulrich Leyendecker [Germany], Lei Liang [China/USA], David T. Little [USA], Alvin Lucier [USA], Alexandre Lunsqui [Brazil], Jing Jing Luo [USA], David Macbride [USA], Dieter Mack [Germany], Steven Mackey [USA], Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf [Germany], Keeril Makan [USA], Žibuoklė Martinaitytė [Lithuania/USA], Eric Marty [USA], Knut Müller [Germany], Detlev Müller-Siemens [Germany], Randy Nordschow [USA], Helmut Oehring [Germany], Vivienne Olive [Great Britain /Austrelia], Nathaniel Tull Phillips [USA], Paul Pinto [USA], Robert HP Platz [Germany], David Plylar [USA], Larry Polansky [USA], Marta Ptaszyńska [Poland], Steingrímur Rohloff [Germany/Iceland], Uros Rojko [Slovenia], Peter Ruzicka [Germany], Carlos Sandoval [Mexico/Germany], Valerio Sannicandro [Italy], Annette Schlünz [Germany], Mia Schmidt [Germany], Dieter Schnebel [Germany], Alexander Schubert [Germany], Hannes Seidl [Germany], Charlotte Seither [Germany], Fumie Shikichi [Japan], Kunsu Shim [Germany], Gerhard Stäbler [Germany], Klaus- Hinrich Stahmer [Germany], Manfred Stahnke [Germany], Susanne Stelzenbach [Germany], Stefan Streich [Germany], Aristides Strongylis [Greece], Mike Svoboda [USA] Iris ter Schiphorst [Germany], Dimitri Terzakis [Germany], Hans Tutschku [Germany], Scott Unrein [USA], Peter Michael von der Nahmer [Germany], Mario Wiegand [Germany], Roman Yakub [Ukraine/USA], Boris Yoffe [Russia/Israel], Hans Zender [Germany]


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