Exhibition - over 100 handwritten Party Pieces scores

The exhibition »Party Pieces« documents the work of 128 composers, who collaborated for one year on a collective composition in dedication to the 100th birthday of the artist and composer John Cage. This unique work of art, which consists of more than 128 transparent note sheets, is based on an idea by John Cage, who created in the year 1945 together with three other composers a composition under the same title. The underlying principle is quite simple: Everyone of the participating composers (in this case there are 5 groups with about 25 composers each) writes one sheet of the overall work by hand, with a maximum lenght of 5 measure or one minute. One composer begins the composition but sends only the last measure to the subsequent artist, on which he or she has to follow. The order of the composers was defined beforehand with the help of coin flipping, applied to the I Ching oracle book.

In this project renowned composers take part, who either are born in Germany or USA or who live in these countries. The exhibition will be accompanied by the release of the handmade »Party Pieces Box« in a limited edition. The box contains all sheets of the 128 composers as facsimile prints on the original paper.

The premiere of »Party Pieces« will be staged on October 17th 2013 at Miller Theatre, New York.


Ensemble: Either/Or

Conductor: Richard Carrick

AUGUST 22 - SEPTEMBER 15, 2013
Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig, Germany



AUGUST 21, 2013, 7 p.m.


curated by Sebastian Vaske [FZML]



GfZK 1, GfZK 2:   5 / 3 EUR
GfZK 1 + GfZK 2: 8 /4 EUR


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