Chance-Concert Series

„No purpose. Sounds“ introduces a series of works by Cage, in which every piece can be combined with every other piece. The practically limitless possibilities of instrumentation, combinations of different pieces, and even the location oft he instruments are part of the event and the conception. The concerts consist of works from Cage’s „The Ten Thousand Things“ series, including 26’1.1499 for strings; 27’10.554 for percussion; as well as pieces for speaker, singer, and the large-scale Concert for Piano and Orchestra. Another key element of the project is audience participation: using chances processes, visitors will be able to influence the sounding result oft he concert. Does the violinist play at the same time as the cellist, or after him? Does he play at all? Will the singer participate, and if so, for how long? Which part oft he score will the pianist play? All these questions will be answered right before the concert will the help of the I-Ching oracle and the visitors’ hands.


AUGUST 31, 2012
SEPTEMBER 14, 2012
SEPTEMBER 28, 2012
NOVEMBER 29, 2012
DECEMBER 29, 2012
DECEMBER 30, 2012
JUNE 2013
JULY 2013


Laura Rajanen (violin)
Ulf-Marcus Behrens (trumpet)
Niklas Seidl (cello)
Jan-Filip Tupa (cello)
Jochen Carls (double bass)
Jan Gerdes (piano)
Gerd Schenker und das Leipziger Schlagzeugensemble (percussion)
Matthias Suter (percussion)
Frauke Aulbert (vocals)
Leslie Leon (vocals)
Erman Jones (speaker)

No Purpose.Sounds. III

Happy New Ears - Silvesterkonzert


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