EUROPERA 5 - Chamber Opera by John Cage

„For 200 years the Europeans have sent us their operas. Now I am returning them all to them." With this statement the composer and artist John Cage started to work on his five-piece opera-series Europera.

In Europera 5, the last stage work of John Cage, figures, arias and props from the history of opera lose their context, get recombined and confronted with practices from pop-culture and media technologies of the 20st century. With childishly-playfull means Thomas Christoph Heyde adresses the fascination of a pretentious opera world where comicality meets the tragic nature, where history and the modern world face each other on an equal level.

CAGE100 is the one year lasting, international art and music festival, which the Forum of Contemporary Music Leipzig hosts in honor of the 100th birthday of John Cage. After more than 100 events in more than 30 countries, CAGE100 celebrates its last round in Germany in WERK 2.

AUGUST 30, 2013, 8 PM
AUGUST 31, 2013, 8 PM

Werk 2, Hall A, Leipzig, Germany



Thomas Christoph Heyde



Michael Hofmeister [countertenor]
Marco Vassalli [lyric baritone]
Jan Gerdes [Pianist]
Marusha [DJ]
Robert Phillips [Company Leipziger Ballett]
Arne Linke [Graffiti artist]
Children of the Leipziger Tanztheater LTT
A make-up artist 


Ralf Hauenschild [stage]
Christina Schuch [mask]
Annika Hofmann [mask]
Brit Böttge [dance education]


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